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“National Award for Excellence in Energy Management” by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

01 Sep 2017 | BORL

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) annually organizes ‘National Award for Excellence in Energy Management’ to recognize and award ‘Excellence’ in Energy Management among the Industrial Sector and facilitate sharing of information on best practices & technologies. This year, the 18th edition of its series was organized at Hyderabad during 30 Aug to 1 Sep 2017. Total 290 companies in the country from various sectors including refineries, chemical, petrochemicals, power, cement etc. participated in the event.

The process for application involved furnishing of requisite data pertaining to the last three years. CII shortlisted 146 companies, including BORL, which were qualified to make presentation for the awards. An expert panel of nine Judges evaluated performance of these shortlisted companies by assessing trend of reduction in specific energy consumption (SEC), its proximity towards national & global best in SEC, identifying and implementing energy saving projects, saving achieved, Green House Gases emission inventory, proven efforts taken by the company to sustain the savings and utilization of renewable energy & waste materials.